Cheating Time

Cheating time:

We spend our lives cheating time: We choose to accept, whether consciously or not, that we won’t die today or anytime soon. This deception lends itself to reinforced beliefs in an afterlife for some. For others, maybe a push to follow biological programming by having children so that their genetics or name lives on. Perhaps we strive for notoriety or financial success, once again supporting this idea that maybe, just maybe, some part of us can live forever.

Even if you’re religious, don’t you think you were put here to live?

I know you’re saying, oh, I know that about life. Be honest though, what plans have you made about your impending death this week? Taking a trip, learning the guitar, spending time with family, inventing clean energy, finishing that book finally?

This lie we perpetuate about life is honestly something that makes the world a worse place. If we all truly were able to see how fragile life is for all of us, we would likely try to make the world a little better for future generations. Maybe one day we can all, not just the privileged, live our short lives with more quality.

The hard truth is that our decay, like that of the universe, is completely unavoidable.

That being said, I personally don’t need to learn how to die so I would like to learn to live instead. That’s why this blog is about: The good and the bad, my last days, and discussing the glimpses of life in-between.

Creating time

You’ve probably had a moment when a loved-one dies and you tell yourself that you’re going to embrace ‘the moment’ and really start to live, only to lose momentum soon after. There’s little doubt for me that our biological programming craves comfort and routine, but what about managing our time better so that we can actually improve our lives.

Life is difficult and we would often rather coast through it when we can.

Comfort and distractions are everywhere: cellphones, online media, video games, binging Netflix, etc. It’s easier to distract ourselves than to make ‘active choices’ or face our own indecision in life. Maintaining healthy relationships and having new experiences for instance is more important to our happiness. We often take the least time for them though.

To complicate things, in the USA (and much of the world) we often use a capitalist-value system to measure our self-worth: how much money we make or stuff we have.

We’re not the sum of our external world, that’s not how life works.

I’m not criticizing basic human needs for survival because this might be the only thing you have time for. Instead, I’m saying that when do have spare time we rarely use it to actually improve our internal quality of life and become more fulfilled people. Making these kinds of changes involves work, but it can be very rewarding. Even taking a little time to meditate or exercise can help with anxiety, but often we would rather avoid the problem and self-medicate by binging Game of Thrones only to have a panic attack at work the next day. I’m far from perfect, but I am starting this dialogue as I begin to change my own life because I’ve had enough.

I guarantee that at this very moment there is something you’ve been wanting to do or try for years, literally fucking years. How about working on doing it and trying to enjoy your insanely short existence? Create the time for it and finish what you start!

My proposition:

I’ve set out on a journey of change. I’ve leaving my current life to become a better person; to change the way I perceive myself and the world around me. I’m trying to learn more from others and rid myself of my own worst qualities. I’m creating a new self and it’s no easy task.

I’ve created a list of things I like and don’t like about myself. It’s not about being negative and instead about taking responsibility for yourself. I’ve also created a list of positive things that interest and inspire me; things I’ve never taken enough time for. At first glance, the list for positive change is overwhelming.

The number of hours to learn one new skill or adjusting my emotional outlook can be intimidating. Instead of just getting anxiety thinking about the changes I’ve already started.

Really, what could be more fun than trying to some of the things that interest and inspire us? I hope that I can share my experiences with others in a way that might help. Maybe I’m crazy, but the life I’ve built over the years seems much more insane and unhealthy to maintain. Why would I choose a life with less happiness.

Why not learn to live in the moment and change the way that we look at life instead. Do you want to change to? Join me!

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